the British team accepted (reluctantly) to race in green because the USA, Germany, and France had already helped themselves to red, white and blue...


Our name comes from ‘British Racing Green’ – a colour adopted and made internationally famous by the iconic British motor racing team of the 1900s.

The association began during the Gordon Bennett Cup of 1900 when the British team reluctantly accepted a green livery for their cars after the USA, Germany, and France had helped themselves to red, white and blue.

Rather than grumble, the British team gradually turned circumstance to their advantage and their predicament into pride. By the time steely Selwyn Edge won the Gordon Bennett Cup in a British-made green Napier in 1903, British Racing Green had become much more than just a colour.

British Racing Green had become a symbol of victory against the grain – of industry, endeavour and adaptability of a properly British variety. These are the characteristics that have inspired the Racing Green name and continue to define the character of our brand and business.


Ever since 1990, Racing Green has taken enormous pride in keeping this indomitable British spirit alive.

Never more than a stitch away from the story that inspired our name, we still blend the defining characteristics of our little island into our products.

Today Racing Green means classic British menswear made timeless for the modern man.